Ancram Ranch 3 Acres SOLD

Ancram Ranch 3 Acres. This ranch home is secluded in a wooded rural setting on a shared private road. It has 2BR2BA , plus an attached garage, Convenient to the Town of Pine Plains.

Ancram Ranch 3 Acres in Columbia County NY.   This ranch home is secluded in a wooded  rural setting on a shared private road.  It has 2BR2BA , plus an attached garage,  Convenient to the Town of Pine Plains, beautiful Columbia County Real Estate.

Ancram Secluded Ranch

Ancram Secluded Ranch

Ancram Ranch 3 Acres

Ancram NY Real Estate houses land includes Long Lake and Lower Rhoda, for luxury homes, new and affordable homes, farms, waterfront property, condominiums and attached homes, commercial property, two family and multi-family properties, vacant land, auctions and short sales, great deals and rentals.

Ancram is located in the southeastern section of Columbia County, just north of the Town of Pine Plains in Dutchess County. As of the census of 2000, there were 1,513 people  98% of whom were white. The median income for a household in the town was $45,726, per capita income for the town was $22,541.

The first residents of Ancram New York were mostly farmers. They were brought from Scotland by the Livingston’s in 1740-1741.  The town was founded in 1803, and was originally part of Gallatin. In 1814 Ancram separated from Gallatin and became an independent Town.  The name was derived from the Livingston homestead in Anchoram, Scotland.  Robert Livingston, first Lord of the Manor was the son of a Scotch clergyman, born in Anchoram, Scotland in 1654. The town comprises 27,000 of the total 160,000 acres the Livingston family had held from the initial grant by the English Crown in 1686.

Ancram Ranch 3 Acres

During the revolutionary war the Ancram iron works was a source of armaments for both the Continental army and the British. It was in Ancram that iron was made for the cannon balls for the Continental artillery and the links for the great chain that was stretched across the Hudson River between Anthony’s Nose and Fort Montgomery, to keep the British fleet from sailing up the Hudson to attack West Point.  The iron works became a paper mill in 1854 and still operates as a paper mill today.  It is the longest continuously operating mill in New York State and one of the largest employers in Columbia County

“Modern” dairy farming came to Ancram in 1875 when the railroad arrived in Ancram, providing access to the New York market for Ancram farmers as well.  Stimulated by the ability to ship milk by rail to New York, more farmers focused on dairy farming and created the large dairy herds which have characterized farming in Ancram since the railroads arrived in the mid-1870’s.

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  • Address: Ancram, New York 
  • Price: $219,000 
  • Property ID: 4194 
  • Town Taxes: 1455 
  • School Taxes: 1027 
  • Prop. Class: Residential 
  • County: Columbia 
  • Schools: Pine Plains 
  • Contact: David Birch 
  • Agent Title: Broker 
  • Cell: 518-928-7239 
  • Brokerage: Hillsdale 
  • Phone: 518-325-3111 
  • Town: Ancram 

Property Characteristics

  • Acreage: