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Hunter Haines Falls 2 Renovated Homes Live/Rent. These renovated homes you can live or rent are $235,000.00. The main house has 3 or 4BR and 2 full baths. The cottage has 2BR a full bath all on 1.5 acres. Both units have been totally reconstructed in past 2 years. With a leased solar system at 470/month for electric including heat.

Hunter Haines Falls 2 Renovated Homes Live/Rent.  These renovated homes you can live or rent are $235,000.00.  The main house has 3 or 4BR and 2 full baths.  The second house has 2BR a full bath and both homes are  on the 1.5 acre property.    Both units have been totally reconstructed in past 2 years and are move in condtion.  With a leased solar system at $72/month for electric including heat.

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Hunter Haines Falls Affordable 2 Homes

Hunter Haines Falls 2 Renovated Homes Live/Rent

Hunter NY Real Estate includes Hunter Mountain, Kaaterskill Falls, Tannersville, Haines Fall, Elka Park, Onteora Park, Edgewood,  Lanesville, Twilight Park and Platte Cove.  Hunter NY is bordered to the south by Ulster County, to the east by the Town of Catskill to the north by the Town of Jewett to the west by the Town Lexington.

Hunter NY Real Estate is shaped by Hunter Mountain Ski Area which bring skiers and second home owners year around.   The popular Hunter Mountain summer festivals extend the vacation season year around.   Spring and Fall are less crowded times.

According to the U. S. Census for 2000, the town has a total area of 90.7 sq mi square miles and a population of 2,721, 97% white.   The median income for a household in the town was $33,382. The per capita income for the town was $18,496.

Native Americans lived in some parts of the lowlands but not in the mountains.   Although they were familiar with them as hunting grounds the Native Americans chose not to settle there.   During the American Revolution, they used a path through the mountains as a route when they took their captives to Fort Niagara.   They had a small retention area when they were forced to stop for a period.   This was located near what is known as “Tory Swamp” below a ledge used by Joseph Brandt as a lookout to the valley below.   It was never an actual fort.

The early records of the first settlers in the Town of Hunter are sparse but the first settlers recorded were Grishom Griffen and three brothers, Elisha, John and Samuel Haines, who probably arrived in what is now the Platte Clove area.

The Town of Hunter, then known as Greenland was formed from what had been the territory of Windham and the act was officially enacted on January 27, 1813 and town office were named on April 6, 1813. Greenland was later renamed Hunter in 1814.

Hunter Haines Falls 2 Renovated Homes Live/Rent

There are two incorporated villages within the township.   Hunter Village, which was originally called Edwardsville and later became Hunter and was incorporated in 1894 and Tannersville in 1895.   Both villages became commercial centers in the area providing needs of local residents and souvenirs and nick-knacks for tourists.

Early settlers lived by what the land provided.   Although the land was hilly and rocky most settlers had farms of some description even if they were only sufficient to support their own family. Tanneries were set up where there were streams and hemlock trees.   The abundance of hardwood trees and water power were responsible for the presence of lumber mills along the streams. Furniture factories were a result of the many lumbering companies.   Quarries throughout the mountains, though mostly small, were mined and the stone shipped to cities for sidewalks.

Later settlers arrived through one of the three cloves, Kaaterskill, Platte Clove, or Stony Clove.   Each of the first two were very steep and narrow, following the streams running between mountains on either side.   Today a modern, but winding road, leads the traveler into the Mountains.   Because of very limited space for width in Platte Clove, the road, though surfaced, is winding and the grade steeper.   (This road is not maintained during the winter months.)   Each offers spectacular views and vistas.

The Village of Hunter is centered around the popular ski area, which has a series of festivals during the summer and a variety of interesting retail stores.    In the Village of Tannersville the buildings along Main Street, many of which were built in the 19th century and house a variety of retail stores, have been painted in bright colors with decorative signs and shutters.

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  • Address: Elka Park, New York 
  • Price: $235,000 
  • Property ID: 4628 
  • Town Taxes: 604 
  • School Taxes: 949 
  • Prop. Class: Residential 
  • County: Greene 
  • Schools: Hunter-Tannersville 
  • Contact: David Birch 
  • Agent Title: Broker 
  • Cell: 518-928-7239 
  • Brokerage: Catskill 
  • Phone: 518-943-5511 
  • Town: Hunter