Brunswick Newly Built Condo NY 12182

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Brunswick Newly Built Condo NY 12182

Brunswick Newly Built Condo NY 12182

The population was 11,941 at the 2010 census. The source of the town’s name is not certain, though some claim it comes from the source of its first inhabitants from the province of Brunswick-Lüneburg in Germany.

The municipality was originally settled in the early 18th century. During its history, it had been part of Albany County, Rensselaerswyck, and Troy, before its incorporation in 1807.

The town was historically agricultural, but began experiencing suburban sprawl in the later decades of the 20th century, which continues currently. Historically, most of the developments have occurred around the town’s two major thoroughfares: New York Route 7 and New York Route 2, known locally as Hoosick Road and Brunswick Road, respectively. Brunswick became a popular place to settle in upon the completion of the local highway system in the Capital District, especially the upgrade of Route 7 into a four-lane highway in the 1980s. Brunswick is the domicile of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

The first settlement in Brunswick dates to 1711 to 1715 at Haynersville. Since Haynersville is located just at the current town line with Pittstown, it is currently impossible to be more specific about dates without knowing on which side of the town line various individual farms were.

In the records, Haynersville was first called simply “Hosek Road”. This is in reference to the public manor road that went north from the manor along the east side of the Hudson to where Troy now is, and then turned east across the area to Hoosick on the Vermont border, (the latter half of the road is basically today’s Route 7, and is still known as Hoosick Road).

The Hoosick Road was a vital link to the then frontier settlement at Hoosick, (settled in 1688), and which formed a link to both Bennington, Vermont and Williamstown. Until the 1790s, the government at Albany claimed Vermont, and its only practical connection to Vermont was by the Hoosick Road.

Brunswick Newly Built Condo NY 12182

German Palatines had settled in south of Rensselaer’s Manor. Many of these were volunteers during Queen Anne’s War in an expedition against Canada in 1711, led locally by Peter Schuyler, “and several finding the country north of them pleasant and desirable, determined, so soon as convenient after their return and discharge, to locate there”. Johannes Jung, Job. Adam Freiderich, Georg Shaffer, Phillip Kelmer, Stephen Froelich, Andreas Bergman, Ludowig W. Schmidt, Job. Schneider, were in an initial group prior to 1715, and Coenraet Ham, Jans Witbeck and Hans Jury Kolemer, came in 1715. The last named individual settled within the manor and therefore within the town.

In 1724, there was another campaign against Canada, and which produced a similar exodus of discontented veterans from the Livingston Manor to Brunswick, including Johannes Heener (Hayner), Peter Phillips, Peter Lamp-Man, Johannes Heinrich Conrad, and Olrig and Philip Barnet. Paul Dirk (Derrick) and Peter Ham were the first settlers of Center Brunswick. Paul Derrick’s manor farm still stands as the rear section of the farmhouse at 936 Hoosick Road.

Of the earliest church records for the Gilead Lutheran Church, consisting of several dated receipts, the earliest is from 1746. Their first minister, Peter Nicholas Sommer, began his ministry at Haynersville and adjoining areas in 1743.

In 1967 the Town of Brunswick acquired the Vanderheyden and Brunswick Reservoirs, along with 60 acres of surrounding land, on North Lake Avenue and immediately took steps to develop the site as a recreational facility. The beach and the park first opened in July 1968, and quickly attracted large crowds of Brunswickers. Over the years, the park and the beach have been significantly improved and expanded, creating an enjoyable recreational area in one of Brunswick’s loveliest natural settings. While the park’s most popular attraction has traditionally been the beach, town residents also visit the park for a variety of outdoor activities including boating, picnicking, bird watching, fishing and photography.

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  • Price: $244,900 
  • Prop. Class: Residential 
  • County: Rensselaer 
  • Town: Brunswick