Pine Plains Multfamily Auction Bids by June 15th 12567

Pine Plains Multfamily Auction 2 income producing properties on Main Street, walk to supermarket and restaurants, asking $275,000 each. Will consider reasonable offer for quick sale!

Pine Plains Multfamily Auction 2 income producing properties on Main Street, walk to supermarket and restaurants, asking $275,000 each, bids must be in by June 15th. Will consider reasonable offer for quick sale!

Pine Plains Multfamily Auction

Pine Plains NY Real Estate is midway between Rhinebeck and Millerton and the Towns of Milan and Northeast. It includes Pine Plains village a number of smaller hamlets including Hammertown, Mt. Ross, Pachin Mills, and Pulvers Corners. The population was 2,473 at the 2010 census. The name is derived from the geographic character of the region. The hamlet of Pine Plains is on the north border of the county bordering Columbia County to the north, with the Town of Stanford to the south, the Town of Northeast to the east and south and the Town of Milan to the west. The median income for a household is $61,380 and the per capita income for the town is $30,043.

A proposed development of several thousand homes has stalled for a number of years and is planned to adjoin the Carvel Golf Club along the Taconic Parkway which would increase the population of Pine Plains by 50%.

The town was part of the Little Nine Partners Patent of 1706. The town was first settled around 1740 by Moravian missionaries to the native Mahican village of Shekomeko. In the 1880s the town served as the winter-home for P.T. Barnum’s animals. This was due to the rural, non-urban nature of the town (less prying eyes), and proximity to many different railroad lines.

The Town of Pine Plains was formed from the Town of North East in 1823. The north town line is the border of Columbia County, New York.

In 1907, Walter W. Law moved Briarcliff Farms from Briarcliff Manor, New York, to Pine Plains and sold the property in 1918. In 1916, New York banker Oakleigh Thorne and several business partners purchased large land parcels and began breeding Angus cattle still in the name of Briarcliff Farm. The farm was broken up into several smaller farms in the late 1940s, and most lasted until the early 1980s, closing due to property taxes and poor economic conditions. Berkshire Stud purchased 550 acres (0.9 sq mi) there, starting in 1983.

Pine Plains Multfamily Auction

Three small lakes lie west of the community of Pine Plains: Stissing Lake which is excellent for swimming, Thompson Pond which is dedicated to conservation for wildlife, and Twin Island Lake, the largest out of the lakes lie in the center of the town.

Located in northeastern Dutchess County, Pine Plains is a two-hour car or train ride from New York City (Wassaic is the final stop on MetroNorth’s Harlem line). It is both near and far enough — near enough to the city for residents to enjoy the urban resources of NYC, and far enough to allow for the peace and quiet of a rural community.

The most prominent physical feature of Pine Plains real estate is Stissing Mountain which at 1,403 ft (428 m). elevation, towers over the local area. The mountain is formed of pre-cambrian gneiss that remains after numerous cycles of glaciation have scoured and reformed the surrounding terrain. A decommissioned fire tower at the top of the mountain is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, and offers excellent sights of the surrounding countryside

Pine Plains was once known for its dairy farms, but horse farms have proliferated since the 1970’s, when New York State established its Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund. Amid and beyond the green pastures and board fences, country roads wind through pristine stretches of woodland and rolling hills with mountain views and a luminous horizon. In this northeastern corner of Dutchess County, second-home owners tend to be privacy seekers and nature lovers, many with weekday lives in publishing, advertising and other media businesses.

Pine Plains sits at the center of a very special regional cultural space. It is an easy drive west to Bard College and the many interesting towns in the Hudson Valley like Rhinebeck and Hudson. Short car trips in other directions take residents to charming New England towns like Salisbury, Connecticut and Great Barrington, Massachusetts; and the many attractions of the Berkshires like Tanglewood.

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  • Address: Pine Plains, New York 
  • Price: $275,000 
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  • County: Dutchess 
  • Schools: Pine Plains 
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