Pittstown Custom Log Home, To Be Built, NY 12090

A fascinating log home on pretty Lake Lorraine. To be built 3BR/2.5BA Stone Mountain Builders custom built Log home on 2.5 acre lot. Plenty of upgrades available. 15 minutes to Troy and 25 minutes to Albany. Contact Listing Agent for more details.

Pittstown Custom Log Home, To Be Built, NY 12090

Pittstown Custom Log Home, To Be Built, NY 12090

Moving west, the Hoosic River defines the town’s northwestern line to the crux of its border with the town of Schaghticoke, which juts south to form the western town line. The towns of Brunswick and Grafton border to the southwest and southeast, respectively, with the town of Hoosick to the east.

According to the U. S. Census for 2000, the town has a total area of 41.9 square miles and a population of 5,644 people, 98% white. The median income for a household is $49,968 and the per capita income for the town is $18,578.

The district of Pittstown was erected as a township by patent July 23, 1761, and thus remained until after the War of the Revolution. The first civil organization of which there is any record was effected in 1772, being that of the “Schaghticoke district.” March 7, 1788, the towns of Schaghticoke and Pittstown were created out of the “Schaghticoke district.”

From an industrial and commercial standpoint Johnsonville was the leading village of Pittstown. It was located on the Hoosick river, near the Fitchburg railroad and the Greenwich & Johnsonville railway. The principal industry supporting Johnsonville was the big axe factory, whose owner, William Johnson had started a brick grist mill and saw mill.

In 1881 the Valley Falls Water Power Co. built a new dam, with further improvements in 1886. In 1887 the old building was demolished, and a substantial brick structure erected. Previous to this the company had built a commodious storehouse along the line of the Fitchburg railroad. Among the village industries that prospered were the manufacture of flax and hemp twines, mosquito netting, buckram and cotton.

Pittstown Custom Log Home, To Be Built, NY 12090

In the year 1866 District No. 11 of Pittstown and District No. 4 of Schaghticoke were consolidated and a new district formed, which was called District No. 11, It included the hamlets of Raymertown, North Pittstown, originally called Millertown; East Pittstown; and Boyntonville, in the southeastern part of the town.

The population of Pittstown grew dramatically between 1780 and 1810 due to an influx of settlers from England. Irish immigrants began settling in Pittstown in the mid 1800’s. The town had 394 farms in1875 and by 1890 the population was 4,056.

Long gone are the many operating mills along the banks of the Hoosic River. The Valley Falls Mill and the remains of other early mills along the Hoosic are still evident however, such as Powder Mills. Today Pittstown is a relatively quiet semi-rural residential area surrounded by rolling upland, several small streams and bounded by the Hoosic River to the north.

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