Rhinebeck Milan Lake + Pond 40 Acres 12572

Rhinebeck Lake/Pond 60 Acres Unusual Find: lake and pond on 60 acres, lots of road frontage, easy subdivision for 5-10 lots, extreme privacy on dirt road, 6 miles to Rhinebeck Village or Taconic Parkway

Rhinebeck Milan Lake 40 Acres Unusual Find:  lake and pond on 40 acres, lots of road frontage, easy subdivision for 5-6 lots, extreme privacy on dirt road, 6 miles to Rhinebeck Village or Taconic Parkway

Rhinebeck Milan Lake

Rhinebeck Milan Lake

Rhinebeck Milan Lake 40 Acres

Rhinebeck  borders with the Hudson River to the west, Poughkeepsie to the south, Red Hook to the north and the Towns of Milan and Clinton to the east. The Hamlet of Rhinebeck has become a magnet as a second home destination, reinforced by its Amtrak Station with its 1.5 hour service to Manhattan’s Penn Station.

According to the U. S. Census for 2000, the town has a total area of 39.8 square miles and a population of 7,762 people, 93% white. The median income for a household is $52,679 and the per capita income for the town is $29,069.

European settlement in the Rhinebeck area dates to 1686, when a group of Dutch crossed the river from Kingston. In 1703 the New York colonial assembly approved money for the construction of the King’s Highway, later known as the Albany Post Road and today most of Route 9. Three years later Traphagen bought a tract of land in Beekman’s patent where the King’s Highway intersected the Sepasco Indian Trail, the route today followed by Market Street. He built a house and tavern on the trail a short distance west of the King’s Highway. This was the beginning of Rhinebeck.

Rhinebeck Milan Lake 40 Acres

A decade later, in 1715, 35 Palatine Germans arrived and in 1766 the beginnings of the current Beekman Inn were erected. The Town of Rhinebeck, which contains the village, was organized in 1788. The village was incorporated in 1834. By the 1850s, Rhinebeck had grown even further and acquired a reputation as a woodworking center, including carriages, coaches and sleighs. Some makers of clothing also achieved national prestige.

The area was also acquiring a cachet as a location for the country estates of the Gilded Age wealthy, and those people could frequently be seen in town during the summer and on weekends.The end of the 19th century saw the cultivation of violets develop as a new industry. An 1890 map of the village shows it as nearly coterminous with today’s historic district.

Rhinebeck  does have its bohemian influences. Concerts and festivals run from May to November (and at Christmas, too), and twice a year a teeming crafts fair takes over the Dutchess County Fairgrounds north of town. The 140-acre campus of the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is a short drive out of town. But at heart, Rhinebeck, a village of 3,077, is traditional and square, a frame and red-brick Mayberry North.

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  • Address: Rhinebeck, New York 
  • Price: $269,000 
  • Property ID: 3922 
  • Town Taxes: 2119 
  • School Taxes: 10377 
  • Prop. Class: Residential 
  • County: Dutchess 
  • Schools: Rhinebeck Central 
  • Contact: David Birch 
  • Agent Title: Broker 
  • Cell: 518-928-7239 
  • Brokerage: Red Hook 
  • Phone: 518-758-1000 
  • Town: Rhinebeck